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Chapter 2

MMW 11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Polytheism, Anshar, Abzu

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 11
Edmond Chang

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Mckay pp 30-40
Mesopotamia from Sumer to Babylon
States first developed in Mesopotamia ( priests controlled ppl through taxes,
armise and written records
Environment Challenges, Irrigation, and Religion
Uruk( village in Sumer) became what many historians view the world’s first
city w/ a population of more than fifty thousand.
Polytheism: many Gods control the world
The best way to honor God is to build impressive temples
Sumerian Politics and Societies
Temporary power gradually became permanent kingship.
King works closely w/ religious authorities
Slaves were a source of physical power for their owners, providing them to
amass wealth and influence
Writing, Mathematics, and Poetry
Fourth M B.C.E ppl started to use soft clay to write stuff on it
Cuneiform: the Sumerian form of writing
The Sumerians established scribal schools by 2500 B.C.E
Writing is used to enhance power of elites at first
Epic of Gilgamesh: the world’s first epic poem
Empires in Mesopotamia
Sargon conquered a number of Sumerian Cities w/ the first army created and
found the city Akkadian.
Akkadian promotes trade
Akkadian collapsed ( due to drought ) -> Babylon rose
Babylon: excellent position to dominate trade on both the Tigris and Euphrates
Hammurabi, a Babylon king, explain Marduk as the primary god of Babylon
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