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Chapter 1

MMW 11 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: New World Writing

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 11
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Evolution and Prehistory: Yali's Question p.14-28
Yali's Question: Why
do white people have
so much cargo and
black people, so little?
Why this distribution
of wealth and power?
Why did human
development proceed
at such different rates
on different
Explanation of
Differences Through
Why did Europe get
the guns and
People coexisted with different levels of complex societies
o metal tools and industrial societies took over
New Guinea was imperialized by Australia (last 200 years)
o New Guinea: stone tools, villages
o Australia: metal tools, centralized govt., cargo
Whites dominate modern world in wealth/ power
o minorities have thrown white colonial domination
minorities still behind in wealth/ power
o aboriginals subjugated, dominated, decimated, or exterminated
AD 1500 European worldwide colonial expansion
o tech and political differences modern inequalities
11,000 BC all people were hunter-gatherers
Eurasia, Americas, Sahara agriculture, herding, metallurgy, politics, writing
conquest, genocide, and epidemics (disparate people interactions)
o long lasting reverberations (eg. African colonialism, govt. by invaders, population ratios)
Answering the question justification of domination
o understanding the chain of causes
Basic W. European civilization was imported
modernization !> hunting-gathering
innate ability natural selection/ evolutionary descent genetics
Intelligence is affected by
1. social environments
2. IQ test measure cultural learning
o intelligence is based on perspective
European disadvantages
o death by disease in dense population (genetics)
o developmental stunt/ lack of childhood stimulation (cities)
Cold climates = invent more/ more time to think
Hot climates = simple shelter/ clothing
o South/ New World writing/ art
o Europe only contributed for last thousands of years
Productive agriculture depended on irrigation
o Complex irrigation followed after the rise of centralized bureaucracy
Africa was the birthplace of humanity
Most of the world is influenced by Europe
"History followed different courses for different people because of differences among people's
environments, not because of biological differences among people themselves" (Diamond 25)
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