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Chapter Christianity

MMW 12 Chapter Notes - Chapter Christianity: Hebrew Bible

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Alexander B Stewart

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The Coming of Christianity
Jewish preacher named Jesus would preach during reign of Tiberius
o Executed by Pontius Pilate
Jesus and his followers created Christianity
o Has an enormous impact on world after his death
Factors Behind the Rise of Christianity
Jews believe that a Messiah would come and destroy Rome and start a period of
happiness for the Jews
o Messiah would be a descendant of King David
Pagan: people practicing religions other than Judaism and Christianity
o Pagans would worship Roman gods
The Life and Teachings of Jesus
Jesus of Nazareth born 3 BC to 29 AD
o Began preaching at about 30 years-old
His life was documented in 4 Gospels of the Bible
o Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
o Gospels contain details of his life, but were not biographies
Contains different iterpretatios of Jesus’ teahigs
Preached of a kingdom of eternal happiness, and importance of devotion to God and
love of others
Teachings based on Hebrew Scripture
o Reflected conception of God and morality coming from Jewish traditions
Would establish a heavenly kingdom in the name of God
Potius Pilate as afraid that Jesus’ folloers ould spark reellio ad iite iolee
has Jesus killed and crucified
The Spread of Christianity
Belieers et i sall asselies at first to disuss Jesus’ teahigs later evolved into
o Though Jesus would come back to Earth very soon
Paul of Tarsus helped Christianity spread
o Well-taught Jewish man
o At first, Paul persecuted Christians
o Coerted, ad eae a prooter of Jesus’ ideas
o Influential in transforming Christianity into a religion
o His letters of advice to others would become part of Christian scripture
Size of Rome helped in spreading Christianity
o All roads led to Rome all roads let to provinces to spread Christianity into
Earliest Christians could be anybody
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