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MMW 12 Chapter Article Notes: Book of the Deeds of Ardashir

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Alexander B Stewart
Article Notes

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MMW 12 Article Notes Book of the Deeds of Ardashir, Son of Babag
Founded Sasanian dynasty in Iran (226-652)
Chapter 1
After Alexander the Great died, Iran was split up into different kingdoms
Babag saw a dream that was interpreted as one telling him that he would evenly come to
the throne
Babag treated a man nicely because he was secretly from a royal line, the man gave
him his daughter as a wife and they had Ardashir
King Ardavan saw that Ardashir was smart and talented, and sent for him to be in the
Ardashir became skilled at hunting, and the king is jealous and bans him from riding
Ardashir writes a letter to Babag explaining the situation, and his father tells him to obey
the king because he is more powerful than them
Chapter 2
Ardavan had a woman he loved, but she grew to love Ardashir and they had a secret
Prophecy that a new king will rise
o Someone who runs away will return victorious
The woman heard the prophecy and told Ardashir, who said that they should run away
o If they become powerful that’s a plus
o If not, they will escape and be together
Woman stole treasure from Ardavan while he slept, and she and Ardashir stole two of
his horses
They go on to the ocean
Chapter 3
Ardavan finds out that the woman and Ardashir are gone, and gets an army sent after
Ardavan turns back when hearing an ominous prophecy on the road
Sends one of his sons after Ardashir
Chapter 4
Ride to ocean
The subjects there do not like Ardavan, and will do anything to help him succeed
Ordered for a town to be built
Ardashir came in contact with the army sent after him and killed them, and then
eventually killed Ardavan, and got all of his wealth because he married his daughter
Built the city of Ardashir Gadman
Chapter 6
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