MMW 12 Chapter Notes - Chapter The Kama Sutra: Canopy Bed, Hindu Law, Artha

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MMW 12 Textbook Notes Kama Sutra: Introduction, Chapters 2, 3, & 4
Not much known about author
o Vatsyayana last name
Pleasure is a part of Hinduism
Don’t know when it was written or when the author lived
o Between 1st and 6th century AD
Two commentaries
o Jayamangla 10th-13th centuries AD
o Sutrabashya
o Sutra vsritti
Narsing Shastri
Revising the text
Chapter 2: On the Acquisition of Dharma, Artha and Karma
Men live 100 years
Dharma, Artha, and Karma should be practiced at different times in one’s life so that
they do not interfere with one another
o Learning childhood
o Artha and Kama youth and middle age
o Dharma and Moksha in old age
Dharma: obedience to Hindu law; should be learned from Shruti and those who know it
Artha: acquiring things and experiences, and protecting them; should be learned from
the king’s officers, merchants
Kama: enjoyment of things with the senses; learn from Kama Sutra and practice
When all three come together, Dharma is better than Artha, Artha is better than Kama
Artha always be practiced by the king
Kama needs to be emphasized in women
Sex needs to be restrained through studying and practicing the Kama Shastra
Sacrifices are worth it
Things are inherently good
Need to respect the four classes and four stages of life
Need to respect and help future generations
Religion needs to be obeyed
You need to do things in order to be happy
Pleasure is necessary to existence, and is the result of Dharma and Artha, not
something that distracts from it
Chapter 3: On the Arts and Sciences to be Studied
Art and science should not be above studying the Kama Sutra
Women should also study the Kama Sutra, and ask their husband’s permission to do so
after marriage
o Women already know the practice, so they should be educated in it
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