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Chapter Eastern and Western Asia

MMW 12 Chapter Notes - Chapter Eastern and Western Asia: Plague Of Justinian, Zoroastrianism

Making of the Modern World
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MMW 12
Alexander B Stewart
Eastern and Western Asia

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Continuity and Change in Europe and Western Asia (250 850)
476 End of Western Roman Empire
Eastern Roman (Byzantine) and Christian Church continue after Western Roman Empire falls
o Much of Greco-Roman law and philosophy spread by Byzantines
Change caused by migrating barbarians
The Byzantine Empire
Traced lines back to Augustus
Protected heritage of Greco-Roman civ.
Called themselves Romans
Sources of Byzantine Strength
Byzantine Empire endured multiple attacks due to excellent military and strategical locations of
its cities and forts
o Had huge farms inside to endure a siege
o Able to conquer lots of land
The Sassanid Empire and Conflicts with Byzantium
Persia Sassaid Epire = Bzatiu’s ostat foe
Sassanid Empire able to thrive via trade and commerce
Zoroastrianism = official religion
o Jews and Christians persecuted in Sassanid Empire
Expansionist foreign policy makes Sassanid Empire conflict with Byzantine Empire
o Sassanids expand into Egypt could not keep war funded Byzantines push back
Arab forces assist in finally destroying Sassanid Empire
Justinian’s Code of Law
Byzantine Emperors preserve Roman law make lots of additions and changes to it that it soon
becomes unusable
Emperor Justinian reforms these laws via Justiia’s Code
o Multipart collection of laws and legal commentary
Codex: Made existing laws coherent
Digest: Collection of opinions on complex legal problems
Institutes: Handbook of civil law designed for students/ beginning jurists
Formed backbone of Byzantine jurisprudence
Byzantine Intellectual Life
Literature mostly Greek
Scholars also spoke and wrote in Latin
History == favorite subject
Made advancements in military tech Developed a primitive flamethrower
Paid lots of attention to medicinal field
o However, the Justinian Plague (version of bubonic plague) kills tens of thousands of
people political and social consequences come after
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