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MMW 14 Chapter Reading: MMW 14 Chapter : Locke -- Two Treaties of GovernmentPremium

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Making of the Modern World
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MMW 14
Edmond Chang

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The State of Nature
The natural state of all beings is complete freedom and equality
Since all men are equal, you can only expect the treatment you show to others
Even though you are very free, you can’t do whatever you want
The laws of nature dictate that you can’t kill yourself or any other man (unless
that man committed a crime)
Very religious basis for this
Everyone has a right to punish others for transgressions
Those that break the laws of nature and God have not only transgressed upon their
immediate neighbors, but the entirety of mankind and God
They need to be punished and anyone around them is required to do so
Only by being punished so that they pay for their transgressions can they and
others be prevented from committing crimes
The other type of crime (not breaking the law) is injury to another man
This crime can only be punished by the victim of the offense and whatever other
men have a stake in it
Anyone has the right to kill a murderer
This is because the injured party cannot take the matter into their own hands
(they’re dead)
This is one of the most heinous crimes and should be seen as a transgression
against man and God
In nature, any crime can be punished as severely as one sees fit to prevent others from
doing the same
This includes the death penalty
Even though in nature man is the final judge and jury in criminal cases, no man can try
his own case
He would be far to partial to himself and would never convict himself even if he
committed the offense
Government (national and municipal) is the best remedy for trying and handling criminal
Ensures the most fair and accurate judgement
Of Political or Civil Society
God created man to be social and it was inevitable that he should end up in a society
Started with the family unit and spread out
The only reason why man and woman (and male and female of some other species)
stay together in a husband/wife relationship is because it takes two to feed a child
The reason why men and women stay together longer than other males and
females of other species is because women get pregnant very quickly while it
takes a long time for children to grow up
There isn’t really a reason for marriage to last until death
A wife can have as many or as little rights as she wants
It all determines on what she is willing to give up
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