PSYC 101 Chapter 1: Reading Response 1 Notes

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PSYC 101
Adena Schachner

PSYC101 Reading Response 1 Notes: The Moral Life of Babies by Paul Bloom Due 4/20/17 @ 5pm - 1 year old boy could identify the morality of actions through a puppet show o one puppet tossed a ball and another ran away with the ball o later, children were asked to take a treat away from one of the puppets and the children took the treat away from the puppet that ran away from the ball o what biological evolution and cultural experience is needed to shape human nature? - Early psychologists argue that humans begin life as amoral animals and parents turn children into moral beings, overriding selfish impulses o Believed babies take a long time to learn basic facts about the physical world, let alone about morality o Reason for this belief was because unsure of how to study baby morality - Studies of baby morality: smart babies o Used baby eyes to study their mind: tend to look at things that are interesting for longer; tend to choose to look at more pleasing thing o Babies look at magic tricks longer because they have an idea of how objects should behave o Babies can do basic math with objects: show the baby how many objects they put behind a curtain. If the revealed number of objects do not match what is expected, babies lo
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