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Chapter 4

PSYC 190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Pediatrics, Webcam

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PSYC 190
David Warner

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Pediatrician to Tweak “outdated” Screen Time for Recommendations for Kids
American Academy of Pediatrics discouraged screen time for babies under 2
World have changed → approach the world as it is and how to fix it
>30% children in U.S. play with mobile devices while still in diapers
75% of 13-17 year olds have access to smartphones
Can no longer use 2 hour screen time
Discouraging screen time until age 2 → that was before iPads and apps for
young children
Technology’s Impact on Children’s Brains
More digital experience approximates live 2 way communication → the more a
child younger than 2 will understand and process
Watching video = not that much activity in the brain
Toddler watching someone on a webcam during a video call → a lot more
brain activity
Engaging with them at the same time they are using a screen → not the same
impact as plopping child in front of TV
More than 80,000 apps listed as educational → little research validating quality
For Older Kids, Setting Recreational Screen Time Limits
Kis 2 years and older → move away from recommendation of no more than 2
hours of entertainment screen time per day
Limits on recreational screen time
Know when to turn the screen of time and place to have tech free zones
Increases quality of engagement
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