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Chapter 7

PSYC 190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Meta-Analysis, Protective Factor

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PSYC 190
David Warner

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Adoption is a Successful Natural Intervention Enhancing Adopted Children’s IQ and
School Performance
Cog dev of adopted children different from children who have remained in
institutional care/parents or their current nonadopted siblings or peers
Meta-analysis of 17,767 adopted children
Compared nonadopted siblings or peers who stayed behind → adopted children
scores higher on IQ tests and performed better at school
Compared to current non-adopted environmental peers → adopted children
shower similar IQ scores
School performance and language abilities lagged behind
Twofold increase in special education referrals in adopted children compared to
nonadopted peers
Answer the question: Does cog dev of adopted children lag behind that of their
nonadopted peers?
Children who were abandoned after birth
Those raised in Creche → orphanage
Minial indi care and interaction
11th birthday → 136 former Creche children completed IQ test
85 adopted children scored higher than the orphans who stayed
Average IQ of adopted children was within range of normally dev
children → IQ about 85
IQ of the nonadopted orphans are about 65
Protection by Adoption
Dennis’s 1973 pioneering Creche investigation compared adoptee’s IQ with IQ of
their nonadopted birth siblings or nonadopted peers from same institution
First group:
Children who were raised after recovery by adoptive families
2nd group:
Remained institutional care
3rd group:
Children restored to their birth families
Adopted children had IQs in the normal range → outperformed other groups
Early malnutrition may not cause irreversible damage for children but can be
compensated by environmental improvement
Influence of adoption experience may become larger when change of
environment becomes more drastic
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