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Chapter 7

BISC300 Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - study guide

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Biological Sciences
Cooper Carlton

7 Microbial Growth and Learning Objectives: After completing this Reproduction chapter, students are expected to: • name the various phases of growth that occur in closed culture systems and describe what is occurring in each phase CHAPTER OVERVIEW • Bacterial cell cycle (Figures 7.1 and 7.3) and This chapter describes the basic nature of the role of Ftz, MinCDE, MreB, and Crescentin. microbial growth. Several methods for the • describe the influence of various measurement of microbial growth are described, environmental factors (Salt, pH, temperature, as are different systems for studying microbial growth. The influence of various environmental oxygen concentration,) on the growth of factors on the growth of microorganisms is microorganisms. Particularly, know the biologic mechanisms for bacterial survival discussed and the chapter ends with a during certain environmental conditions consideration of microbial growth in natural (high temperature, low temperature, high environments. This latter section sets the stage for more detailed discussions of microbial ecology. pH, low pH, high salt, low salt, and oxygen level). What is water activiwy (a ) and how does it impact bacterial replication? • categorize microorganisms according to the environmental factors that are conducive to optimal growth of the organism (complete the microbial growth table below as an example). BACTERIAL GROWTH CURVE Look at the accompanying bacterial growth curve
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