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Chapter 4.5

CGSC170 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4.5: Visual Cortex, Local Field Potential, Functional Neuroimaging

Cognitive Science
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Kaja Jasinka

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Neuroscientists study the behavior of individual neurons
Do so through single cell recordings
Microelectrodes can be inserted in brains of animals and used to record
activity in cells while the animal performs behavioral tasks
Primarily identify the response profiles of individual neurons
Types of stimuli they respond to
Response profiles
Studied by looking for correlations between neurons firing rate and
properties of the environment around the subject
Track relation between firing rates of individual neurons and where the
animals attention is directed
Usually low level properties
Sometimes they are sensitive to higher level properties, firing in response
to particular stimuli
Assumed that individual neurons are tuned to particular environmental
Linear Relationship between average neuronal firing rate and the strength of the
BOLD signal
Linearly related when they increase in direct proportion to eachother
If you plot it it would be a straight line
Reached comparing human fMRI data with single cell recordings for
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