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Chapter 5.1

CGSC170 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5.1: Logical Consequence

Cognitive Science
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Kaja Jasinka

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Tackling the Integration challenge
Intertheoretic reduction and the integration challenge
Unity of science assumes that all of science is a unified intellectual enterprise focused on
giving a complete account of the natural world
Integration challenge in cognitive science is a unified intellectual enterprise that
aims to give a complete account of the mind
Since the mind is part of the natural world, integration challenge in
Cognitive Science is just part of a more general problem of the unity of
What is intertheoretic reduction?
Relation that holds between theories that can be formulated as
interconnected groups of laws
Relative between two theories, one of which is more fundamental than the
T1 more fundamental theory (higher level theory that can be
T2 less fundamental theory
T1 more fundamental to reduction of T2 the less fundamental
When two conditions meet, there is a reduction
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