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Chapter 9.1 pt 1

CGSC170 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9.1 pt 1: Physical Symbol System, Deep Structure And Surface Structure

Cognitive Science
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Kaja Jasinka
9.1 pt 1

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Language and Rules- The challenge for Information-Processing Models
A highly sophisticated cognitive achievement
Without language our cognitive, emotional and social lives would cease to
With very rare exceptions, all human children manage to arrive at more or less the
same level of linguistic comprehension
As well as language use
Much research is done on how languags are learnt
What is the role that learning plays in language?
Language is usually rule governed
Every language can be broken into grammatical rules
They govern how words can be put together to form meaningful
Much more comprehensive than this
Linguists work to discover fundamental rules that are applicable to
all languages
We can understand commonalitites in sentences in
terms of transformational rules that allow one to be
transformed into another
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