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Chapter 10

CMLT316 Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Epic myths

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Comparative Literature
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Twelve labors of Heracles 1. Killing the Nemean Lion a. His hide was imprevervious to weapons b. Heracles chokes lion to death and uses its claws to skin the lion c. Fasions his famous club to substitute for his trademark bow d. Wears pelt as cloak 2. Killing the Hydra a. Many headed water snake whose heads immedietly would grow back after being severed b. Heracles arranges for a friend to torch the necks as each head is severed c. Heracles applies its poisonous gall to his arrows d. Eurystheus refused to count this labor since he had help 3. Capturing the Golden Hind a. Golden horned deer sacred to Artemis b. To capture Heracles stalked it for a year c. Sometimes order of third and fourth labor is reversed 4. Capturing the Erymanthian boar a. Pursued the boar into centaur’s territory b. While there, his host, Pholus, opens barrel of wine which attracted centaurs who attacked Heracles c. Drives them off but accidently wounds both his host and the good centaur Chiron with poisned arrows 5. Cleaning the Augean stables a. For which Heracles demands a payment from King Augeas b. Diverts the course of a river (or two) to wash through the barn 6. Removing the Stymphalian birds 7. Capturing the Cretan bull 8. Capturing the Thracian horses a. Property of King Diomedes b. To tame the horses, which eat human flesh, Heracles feeds their owner to them c. As the guest of ind Admetus, heracles rescues Admetus’s wife, Alcetis, from death - literally wrestled with death (Thanatos) in the process 9. Bringing back the girdle of Hippolyte a. The amazon queen b. Gives the girdle willinging which angers Hera c. Hera persuades the other amazons that Heracles was actually kidnapping their queen d. They attack Heracles’ ship, he kills the queen, believing that she has lied to him and keeps belt 10. Bringing back the cattle of Geryon a. Three headed giant sometimes identified as herdsman of the dead b. This trip heracles set up the pillars of Heracles at the western entrance to the Mediterranean 11. Bringing back the Golden apples of the Hesperides a. Apples of immortality, grow on tree of life in garden of mythical West where sun sets b. Some versions Heracles holds the sky as Atlas goes to retreive the apples 12. Capturing Cerberus a. Three headed, or fifty headed, hound of Hades b. First had to go through Eleu
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