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Chapter 3

GEOG434 Chapter 3: Bowling Alone

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Barnes Philip

An Introduction to Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone Macat Politics Analysis ● Is the clue holding society together coming unstuck? If so who or what is to blame ● Robert Putnam, a political scientist from the US, published his book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community in 2000 ○ In this influential work, the Harvard prof argued that “social capital” (which are the connections that grease the wheels of our society) were breaking down, followed by the breakdown of networks, trusts and reciprocity ● Putnam explains his concept of social capital by saying it depends on people saying “i'll do this for you without expecting anything specific back from you, in the confident expectation that someone else will do something for me down the road” ● He sees the culprits as pressure on time and money, the disintegration of the family unit, media, television, and finally generational change ● Social capital helps drive productivity, health, education, safety, and the economy ● As people become less involved in their communities, how much of their own time and trouble will they be prepared to invest in their communities? ● Has meet with people to talk about their communities using new forms of social capital building Gunder’s Sustainability: Planning's Saving Grace or Road to Perdition Introduction The Rise of Sustainability in Planning Education ● On Average in 1995, accredited planning school curricula focused less than 5% of total programs on environmentally related planning issues; over a quarter of programs had no formal environmental oriented courses ● Friedmann was first to note emerging importance of sustainability in north america ● Sandercock was Daly The Steady State Economy Introduction ● Daly questions growth of all sorts , population growth, metropolitan spatial growth, and growth in energy or resource consumption ○ These questions have become central feature of sustainably debates ● Dalys ideas important as a leading philosophical alternative to endl
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