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Chapter 4

MISY160 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Image Sharing, Free Software License, Instruction Set

Management Information Systems
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Ryan Rodalunas

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The Nuts and Bolts of Software
Software: the set of instructions that tells the computer what to do
An instruction set, or a program, provides means for interaction with the
Most new computers come with pre-installed software
Application software: completes task at home, school and work
System software: helps run the computer and coordinates instructions
between application software and hardware
Includes operating system and utility programs
Proprietary (commercial) software: applications you buy such as
Microsoft Office
Open source software: free, available with few licensing/copyright
Saas (software as a service): as another way to obtain software, vendors host the
software online to access over the internet without any installation
Web-based applications allow for collaboration with others
Productivity and Business Software
Includes programs that let you perform various tasks such as word processing,
spreadsheet, presentation, and database programs
Proprietary (commercial) software: cheaper to buy a software suite than to buy
each program individually
Available for all types of software
Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, Apple iWork, Google Docs
Word processing software allows to create and edit documents
Spelling/grammar checking tools, thesaurus, translating languages, change
fonts, add colors, borders, organization, etc.
Spreadsheet software lets you make calculations and perform numerical analyses
Automatically recalculates all formulas and functions, what-if analysis
A grid consisting of columns and rows forming cells
Text: combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces
Values and Dates: numerical data representing date/time
Formulas: equations, values and cell references
Functions: formulas that are preprogrammed into software
Creation of charts
Sparklines: small charts fitting in a cell to show data trends
Presentation software produces high-quality presentations
Embed online videos, add effects, trim video clips, etc.
Tips: be careful with color, use bullets for key points, limit # of bullets per
slide, consider font size and style, keep animation/audio to a minimum
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