UAPP225 Chapter 12: Chapter 12 The Presidency

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University of Delaware
Urban Affairs and Public Policy
David Carter

The Presidency Introduction The government IS the president If things go well its because of the president and if things go badly its because of the president The Myth of the allpowerful president View of the president as a savior The public believes all the countrys problems can be solved by the immense power the president has. (even presidents believe this) The Growth of the Presidency The balance of power moves back and forth between the president and congress First Presidents Washington formed precedents for the coming presidents He was active in formulating legislation he steered his program of economic development through congress. Established the practice of meeting with the heads of executive departments as the cabinet His response to international threats established dominant role for the president in foreign affairs. By not seeking or accepting a 3rd term he erased fears of monarchy Jefferson advocated restrictions on the national government BUT he enlarged the powers of the office and used his party skillfully in congress. He planned his partys legislative strategy and worked to elect his party to congress Without asking congress he doubled the US with the Louisiana Purchase. Andrew Jackson was the first president elected by the people (before state legislatures appointed most electoral college members) Established a popular base for the presidency and strengthened the executives role Went over congressional leaders to appeal directly to the public to get their support in his fights against congress he vetoed 12 acts of congress Claimed the right to veto legislation because he disagreed not because the law was unconstitutional. Abraham Lincoln used the powers of the president in new ways Blockaded southern ports, called up the militia, closed opposition newspapers, ordered the arrest of suspected traitors, and issued the Emancipation Proclamation all without congressional approval. He did what he had to do during the civil war in a national emergency the president has unlimited powers. Wilson and Roosevelet
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