UAPP225 Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 Notes

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Urban Affairs and Public Policy
David Carter

Political Parties Intro Most people have negative views of the parties Just like our founders were distrustful of political parties they are not mentioned in our constitution (yet they knew they were an inevitable consequence of a democracy) The myth of part irrelevance Allows us to believe that parties are unnecessary and maybe worthless, while at the same time knowing they are central to the day to day operations of our representative democracy parties do still matter even though fewer people strongly identify with them What Parties Are and What They Do Western European Democracies Highly centralized, stable, tight knit extreme ideological positions Often a multiparty system Parties in the US Some minor parties are strongly ideological (Libertarian, Conservative, Socialist Workers) The 2 major parties have not based their positions on ideology, but they followed a set of guiding principles that focus on the role the government should play in our democracy Each party seeks to attract a broad spectrum of support Some of their beliefs overlap and are at times alike for their belief in democracy and capitalism, yet they also differ on economic and social issues Political Parties: A coalition of people organized formally to recruit, nominate, and elect individuals to office and to use elected office to achieve shared political goals. They also: Run the government Create and implement shared political goals through the election of officials to the executive and legislative branches Bring stability to the political system They serve as a major link between the public and government officials Decentralized and regulated at the state level Decentralization: A term hat contends that many different individuals within the party share the decisionmaking power, with power dispersed. No single individual or organization controls the entire system. In effect, party organization in the US are
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