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CLT 3370

12 Labors of Heracles 1. Nemean Lion a. Heracles had to kill a savage lion that terrorized the area around Nemea. b. Lion was indestructible by weapons. c. Heracles snapped neck, and used lions claw to skin the lion. 2. Lernaean Hydra a. Had to destroy Hydra (“Water Serpent”) b. Area in the southeast of Mycenae, swamps of Lerna c. Hydra kept growing more heads for each one that was cut off. d. Cauterized the head of each neck. 3. Ceryneian Deer a. Ceryneia= remote mountain north of Peloponnesus b. Deer belonged to Artemis c. Tracked deer for a full year. Wounded the deer in Arcadia. d. On his way to Mycenae with deer ran in to Apollo and Artemis. e. Artemis let it go only if after showing the deer to Copreus that he let it go. 4. Erymanthian Boar a. A bunch of shit happened to him while hunting with the centaurs. b. He killed the boar that’s what is important. Like a boss! 5. Augean Stables a. Heracles ordered to clean the stables. b. Did this by diverting a river through the stables. 6. Stymphalian Birds a. Birds had arrow firing wings and armor pier
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