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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes: The Internet, Digital Media and Media Convergence

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MMC 2604
Mariam Alkazemi

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MMC2604 Chapter 2 Notes9213The Internet Digital Media and Media Convergence The Evolution of the Internet o The Birth of the InternetThe internet originated as a militarygovernment project The original internetcalled ARPAnet and nicknamed the Netenabled military and academic researchers to communicated on a distributed network system The network used a system called packet switching which broke down messages into smaller pieces to more easily route them through multiple paths on the network before reassembling them on the other end Email was invented in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson Bulletin boards sites that listed information about particular topicso The Net WidensThe first signal of the Nets marketability came in 1971 with the introduction of microprocessors miniature circuits that process and store electronic signals Led to the development of personal computers PCsIn the mid 1980s fiberoptic cable became the standard for transmitting communication data speedily With the dissolution of the Soviet Union the ARPAnet military venture officially endedo Web 10 The World Begins to BrowseThe first decade of the Web is referred to as Web 10The World Wide WebDeveloped in the late 1980s by Tim BernersLee at the CERN particle physics lab in Switzerland Hypertext a datalinking feature of the web that allowed computer accessed information to associate with or link to other information HTML hypertext markup language the written code that creates Web pages and links Browsers the software packages that help users navigate the Web brought the web to mass audiences Mosaic was the first windowbased browser to load text and graphics together in a magazinelike layouto The Commercial Structure of the WebIn the beginning commercial entities were seeking to capture business in four key areasInternet service
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