MCB 3020 Chapter 10: 10.1 Notes: Metabolism

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Microbiology and Cell Science
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MCB 3020
Abdolkarim Asghari

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Chapter 10.1 Metabolism: The most important Principles and Concepts ○ Metabolism is central to all life. ■ Common features: ● Life obeys the laws of thermodynamics ○ Obtain energy from environment ● Energy obtained is ATP ● Oxidation-Reduction reactions ● Chemical reactions are organized into pathways ● Pathways are catalyzed by an enzyme or ribozyme ● Functioning of biochemical pathways is regulated ○ Cellular work and energy transfers ■ Cells carry out 3 major types of work ● Chemical ○ Synthesis of complex biological molecules from much simpler precursors ○ Energy is needed to increase the molecular complexity of a cell ● Transport ○ Requires energy to take up nutrients, eliminate wases, and maintain ion balances. ● Mechanical ○ Energy required for cell motility and the movement of structure within cells ■ Energy ● Capacity to do work ● Conversation ○ Thermodynamics ■ Focuses on the energy differences between the initial state and the final state of a system ■ Not concerned with the rate of the process ○ Laws of thermodynamics ■ 1st law: ● Energy can be neither created nor destroyed ○ Total energy in universe remains constant ■ Can be redistributed ■ 2nd law: ● Entropy ○ Measure of the randomness (disorder of a system) ○ Randomness of the universe increases (the system and its surroundi
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