MCB 3020 Chapter 10: 10.5 and 10.7 Notes: Pathways

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Microbiology and Cell Science
MCB 3020
Abdolkarim Asghari

Chapter 10.5 Biochemical Pathways: Sets of Linked Chemical Reactions ● Metabolites ○ Products of chemicals reactions that organisms carry out ○ Biochemical pathways ■ Pathway intermediates ● Metabolites in between the reactions ■ Forms that these products may go through ● Linear ○ First molecule in the pathway is the substrate of the pathway ○ Last molecule → end product ○ Can yield more than one product ● Cycles ○ All molecules in the pathway can be thought of as intermediates ● Both types of pathways: ○ Reaction is represented by an arrow ○ Catalyzed by an enzyme or ribozyme ○ Biochemical pathways are connected ■ Forms a complex network ● I.e: an intermediate of a pathway may be diverted from one pathway to another pathway ■ Always dynamic ■ Just always needs the starting molecules/inputs of the pathways to be available ■ End product is needed ● Molecules flow into and out of the many pathways of the function in cells ● Metabolite flux ○ Rate of turnover of a metabolite ○ Rate at which a metabolite is formed and then usd ■ Can be used as a measure of pathway activity ■ Helps us understand metabolic networks Chapter 10.7 Metabolism Must be Regulated to Maintain Homeostasis and Prevent Waste ● Metabolic pathways regulation ○ 3 ways ■ Metabolic channeling ● Influences pathway activity by localizing metabolites and enzymes into different parts of a cell ● Compartmentation ○ Differential distribution of enzymes and me
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