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Chapter Chapter 5

PSB 3002 Chapter Notes - Chapter Chapter 5: Behavioral Neuroscience, Lesion, Neurotransmitter

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PSB 3002
Bethany Stennett
Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
a. Methods and Strategies of Research-Experimental Ablation
The goal of behavioral neuroscience research is to understand the brain functions
required for the performance of a behavior and then to learn the location of the neural
circuits that perform these functions
Lesion method: oldest and most useful method used in neuroscience research
o Subcortical lesion: made under the guidance of a stereotaxic apparatus
o Tip of electrode/cannula placed at the target
o Radio frequency current passed through electrode/infusing an excitatory amino
acid through the cannula, producing an excitotoxic lesion
o Excitotoxic lesion destroy only neural cell bodies, not damaging the axons
o Specific lesions can be produced by the injection of molecules of toxic saporin
attached to an antibody targeted against a protein found in neurons in the brain
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