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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 09/03/2013 Discussion – How to: Weekly Writing Assignment  Every week for discussion due  2 to 3 Graph summary of readings  Not imperative to cover every piece of reading  Relate readings to lecture  12 Point font – Double VS. Single? Lecture Recap  Syphilis really killed a lot of thing… o Disease shows how things really traveled between cultures  Sea Merchants were man whores  Potatoes and corn came from N. America to Europe o Helped improved peoples diets and life  Original Jamestown settlers were extremely prideful people o No one really wanted to till the land  Didn’t help their hunger situation  Jamestown settlers were drinking their own waste water or brackish water  Second wave of Jamestown settlers o Consisted much of Indentured Servants  Overpopulated poor from London to Jamestown o Servants worked for approximately 7 years  White landowners took law into their own hands o Just tack on more years onto the servitude of the workers  Possible midterm question…  Landowners treated workers pretty bad o Workers were commodities o Eventually indentured servants didn’t work out so well  Led to slave trade What if Native Americans weren’t there?  Faster movement of Europeans  European society would have suffered  No tobacco would have led to picking up and movement again o In search of gold and silver
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