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American Studies
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AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

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AMH 2010 09/12/2013 Documents: From Last Week (9/05/2013)  Mari Jamison captured by Native Americans o Stockholm Syndrome o Integration leads to safety o Reverse psychology? o She has a family o No one would accept her back home Life with Indians was debatable – pro v. cons. Review of Lecture (9/10/2013)  Transition from indentured servitude to slave labor when it came to “worker” commodities  Factors that led to better conditions in Europe o Plague o London Fire o Bad conditions abroad  These events allowed for jobs to open back up in England and wages to increase  Convinced poor Englishmen to stay in London  Leaders in the colonies feared a rebellion from indentured servitude  West Indies o Over-Seers were big in the West Indies… Native Americans out numbered the Whites. o Whites wanted to be seen as in-charge i.e. the alpha male o This situation created the conditions for the cruel treatment of slaves  Northern Colonial Whites had better relations with their Slaves  Comparatively the South had a bad relations Tobacco:  Cash crop  Virignia was big with Tobacco  Caused a higher need for slave workers  “Tobacco really drove the slave culture” – Johanna Mellis, T.A. for AMH2010 Section 1468 1 AMH 2
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