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University of Florida
American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 09/19/2013 Review of Lecture (9/17/2013)  French, German, Irish, and Puritans moving to the North East o Religious freedom  Family units traveled to the North rather than the south o Helped to establish a more stable society  Consider the North pretty opposite from the South  Beginning 1600’s 20,000 Puritans moved to the North East  By the end of the century almost 130,000 Puritans in the North East  Slavery’s role in Puritan colony o Not really there  Puritan life had 100% literacy rate  Puritans were Providentialists o Everything bad that happened to them coincided with bad weather patterns o Used religion to explain “everything”  Puritans were Zealots o Believed England was going to hell o Too much “ceremony” o Puritans believed the Church of England was never really split from the Catholic Church o Build a City on A Hill as a beacon for other Puritans  Puritan life: o Sins were criminal and punishable by law  Cursing  Lying
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