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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/25/2013 Document Review – Last Week  Boston King o Slave who joined the loyalists side to obtain freedom o I caught by Americans:  Death?  Ill treatment towards family  Return you to slavery Document/Lecture Review – 19:23  As many as 100,000 colonists left… after the war  Opened up jobs and land for those who stayed  Quakers: Against military conflict o Pacifist o Quakers discriminated against post war  Catholics: gained support post war  White Southerners: Unsure of outcome of the revolution  Slaves: “We’re left out of this…” o Learned to use guns o Learned about better ideas of freedom and stuff  American Gov. was hypocritical  John Adams and Thomas Jefferson o Owned slaves… Helped to give them an understanding of “liberty and freedom”  “Let’s no keep power control structure in a centralized government”  “But we should really consider keeping it in the center after things like Shay’s Rebellio
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