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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 10/31/2013 Lecture Review: Transportation Revolution  The entire America was now connected… Nebraska could now connect with New Orleans  Thanks to this revolution life expectancy, birthrates, and growth was seen in many different towns  People no longer needed to live near waterways  Economy became complicated  Much of people bought on credit when they move to the cities  White males benefitted from this boom  Women should not take trains that go 20 miles an hour mostly because there is this huge fear that your uterus will fall out Eerie Canal  Life in the early 1800s o Steam boat so dope  Travelling is really cool/enjoyable  People keep going over to Canada o Governments said we need better borders… like physical borders Document: Trail of Tears  Government supported removal of people  Andrew Jackson wants to move West  Indian Removal Act of 1830  Supreme Court decision said that these indigenous nations were sovereign entities o AJ ain’t really care  Smaller factions of i
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