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American Studies
AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

AMH 2010 11/14/2013 Life As A Slave v. Slavery As An Institution  Brutality – physical violence  “Starved” to a point  Not beaten as much as we thought  Fear was a big player in the institution  Freedom equals not having fear – Douglass?  15 hour work days  Immigrants and slaves shared very similar livelihoods, except of course for the aspect of freedom  Sick slave, call the doctor immediately o Slaves were an investment, a dead investment isn’t helpful  Think on indentured servants from before… no one cared about them because they had contracts  Slave owners encouraged the idea of families among slaves o Helped to keep slaves grounded  Slave families weren’t split up like much of the assumption made throughout time o In actuality slave family members honestly just lived down the road from each other  Frederick Douglass was a lucky slave o He lived in an urban environment (Baltimore) o Giving him access to a lot of amenities  A slave hid in the attic for 7 years  We only ever focus on “educated” slaves because they’re the only people who wrote anything down  Slave life was all slaves knew o Slave life was engraved into society  Slaves had weird respect levels towards their masters o However, there was this gray area  Expected bad treatment, but only if they were just and warranted  If the boundary was broken, slaves would co
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