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American Studies
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AMH 2010
Jeffrey Adler

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AMH 2010 11/21/2013 Review of Lecture  Southern culture was bought by southerners because of how inbred the institution of slavery had grown  Not many northerners didn’t care to have free slaves  Northerners didn’t want slaves to travel up north and take their jobs  Irish immigrants were pro-slavery  Look westward saw opportunity o Both North and South were concerned with how the world would turn out o North wanted free states o South wanted slave states  Never forget that the working class didn’t want the nastiness of immigrants to infect their children o Society needed to be cleansed  North saw the south as lazy and disgusting  Westward Expansion and Slavery o The average white northerner o Look at the economy o Look at the woes of greedy capitalist during this time o West became breadbasket o In the west if slavery was allowed would mean that northerners who moved their would be out of jobs o Religious speeches centered around moving westward  Kansas-Nebraska Act o Splitting Kansas and Nebraska post-repeal of Missouri Compromise o Kansas would become a slaved state o Nebraska free state o KNA – popular sovereignty ruled
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