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Chapter 7

MIST 4610 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Data Model, High Fidelity

Management Information Systems
Course Code
MIST 4610

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Watson- Chapter 7 | Data Modeling
Modeling is used within business to learn about
organizational problems + design solutions
Trigger: database procedure that is automatically
executed when some event is recognized
Entity: basic building block of a data model; a thing
about which data should be stored, something we
need to describe
o Each entity has a unique name + singular
Attribute: describes an entity
o Attribute name is singular and unique within the
data model
o Name of an attribute is recorded in lowercase
letters within the entity rectangle
o A relationship is binary; has 2 relationship
descriptors, one for each entity
Identifier: uniquely distinguishes an instance of an
o Can be one or more attributes and may include
the identifier of a related entity
o When a related entity's identifier is part of an
identifier, a plus sign is placed on the line closest
to the entity being identified
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