MGMT 3000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Social Proof, Pole And Polar

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Chapter 10
Challenges of Interpersonal Power
If you don’t understand the dynamics of power, you will lose it
As a person gains power, they should be aware of the danger of letting
power overwhelm his perception of reality
Power is often lost when individuals are:
o Resistant to change (need a continued sense of relevance)
o Ruthlessness, inflexible, willing to use and exploit others, lack of
empathy for others, sense of entitlement, inflated self-view
Should assess potential opportunities and also limits to power
Reactions to Power
Top executives = power at the top
o Determine the distribution of resources, maintain centrality in
organization, have broad access, control decision criteria
Resistance can be active (refusing to do what is asked) or passive
(pretending to agree but doing nothing)
o Managers use coercive power to overcome
Compliance completing tasks that have been assigned but without a
sense of excitement
o Rely on positional power and the use of rewards/punishments;
appropriate for routine tasks
Commitment employees fundamentally agree with management’s
decisions and work hard to ensure that they are implemented
o Use personal power and appeal to employees’ values
Empowerment: sharing power with subordinates and pushing decision
making and implementation to the lowest possible level, increasing the
influence and autonomy of all employees
o Increase employee’s self-confidence, skill level, cooperation
o Employees believe that their opinions will be heeded,
empowerment can backfire if they are not respected
Power and Conflict
A quality that exists whenever one individual requires another individual’s
assistance to achieve a goal
Relative power depends on who is more dependent on the other
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