MARK 3000 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Public Service Announcement, Media Mix, Sales Promotion

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MARK 300O Test 3
Chapter 18: Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions
Advertising: 1) it is not free 2) must be carried by some medium 3) legally, the source of the
message must be known 4) represents a persuasive from of communication
1. Step 1: Identify Target Audience
2. Step 2: Set Advertising Objectives
a. Advertising Plan analyses the marketing and advertising situation, identifies the
objectives of the advertising campaign, clarifies a specific strategy for
accomplishing those objectives, and indicates how the firm can determine whether
the campaign was successful
b. Pull strategy in which the goal is to get consumers to pull the product into the
marketing channel by demanding it (advertise, online, consumer sale promotions)
c. Push strategy designed to increase demand by motivating wholesalers, retailers,
or salespeople to highlight their product rather than the competition (personal
selling and trade sales promotion)
d. Informative Advertising communication used to create and build brand
awareness (introductory stage), with the ultimate goal of moving the consumer
through the buying cycle; helps consumers who have little info about the product
(upcoming sales event or arrival of new merchandise)
e. Persuasive Advertising used to motivate consumers to take action (growth and
early maturity stages of the product life cycle); may also be used to change existing
perceptions of the product (compares your brand to other brands)
f. Reminder Advertising used to remind consumers of a product or prompt
repurchases, especially for products with market acceptance and are maturing
g. Focus of Advertisements
i. Product-focused advertisements: inform, persuade, or remind consumers
about a specific product or service
ii. Institutional advertisements: inform, persuade, or remind consumers about
issues related to places, politics, or an industry
1. Corporate image (things they support) and corporate advocacy
(taking a position on a social issue like smoking, hunger)
2. Public service advertising (PSA): focuses on public welfare and
generally is sponsored by nonprofit institutions, civic groups,
religious organizations, etc. (focus on betterment of society)
3. Social Marketing: application of marketing principles to a social
issue to bring about attitudinal and behavioral change among the
general public or a specific population segment
3. Step 3: Determine the Advertising Budget
a. First, firms must consider the role that advertising plays in meeting their
objectives; Second, expenditures will very over the product life cycle; Third, nature
of market and product influence budget
4. Step 4: Convey the Message
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