RMIN 5100S Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Friendly Fire

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Chapter 8 2/9/2017 3:13:00 AM
Causes of Loss Special Form ***
- broadest option for covered causes of loss and most frequently selected
- open perils form: covers direct physical loss unless the loss is excluded or limited in
this policy
- loss or damage must be accidental and unforeseen by the insured in order to be
Advantages of Special Form
Puts burden of proof on the insurance company since they wrote it
Certain causes of loss excluded under Broad form are not excluded in this
o Theft losses, friendly fire, vehicle damage, water damage caused by
ice damming
Covers losses that the insured may not have even anticipated
Exclusions and Limitation
- Special form contains most of the exclusions as in basic and broad and most
limitations. In the case that the Special form does not include an exclusion or
limitation it provides broader coverage:
Vehicle Peril
o Special form WILL cover damage to property caused by a vehicle
owned or operated by named insured
Windstorm Peril
o Special form contains the same windstorm exclusion except it does
not apply when the loss results from the melting of ice, sleet, or snow
on the building or structure
This form covers water damage that occurs when water backs
up on roof or shingles because roof gutters are clogged with ice
(known as ice damming)
Special Form Exclusions that Match Coverage in Basic and Broad
- these perils are covered under special but unlike broad and basic where they are
named, special forms must list them as exclusions with conditions
Windstorm or Hail
Smoke, vapor or gas
Rain, snow, ice or sleet to personal property in the open
Continuous seepage or leakage
Exclusions and Limitations Unique to the Special Form
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