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Chapter 18

BIOL 1344 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Arachnoid Mater, Pia Mater, Dura Mater

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BIOL 1344
Wayne Chad

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Lab 18 The Spinal Cord, Spinal Reflexes, and the Autonomic Nervous System
Protection of the spinal cord
- Epidural space
o A narrow space filled with fat that provides cushion for sudden movements
- Pia mater
o Inner layer that adheres to the surface of the spinal cord
- Dura mater
o Outermost tough layer of the meninges
- Subarachnoid space
o Between arachnoid mater and pia mater
o Channels cerebrospinal fluid
CSF: provides a cushioning effect and transports oxygen, nutrients, and
other materials that support neuron activities
- Arachnoid mater
o Middle layer of fibers
External anatomy of the spinal cord
- Epidural space (locate)
- Pia mater (locate)
- Dura mater
- Subarachnoid space
- Arachnoid mater

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- Conus medullaris: the end of the spinal cord. It is cone shaped and between L1 and L2
- Spinal nerves
- Cauda equina: nerves arising from the inferior portion of the spinal cord that extend
downward and form a group
- Filum terminale: an extension of the pia mater that it attached to coccygeal segments,
whose function if to suspend the cord in the CSF
- Lumbar enlargement: bulge at levels T9 through T12. It contains nuclei that serve the lower
- Denticulate ligaments: lateral folds of the pia mater that hold the spinal cord in suspension
within the vertebral canal

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Structure of Spinal Cord
- Conus medullaris: defined above
- Spinal nerves
- Anterior gray horns
o Contain somatic motor neuron cell bodies
- Gray commissure
o Gray matter that connects the right and left sides of the gray matter and surrounds
the central canal
- Posterior median sulcus
o Locate
o Narrow groove
- Anterior (ventral) root
o Contains motor fibers
- Cauda equina: defined above
- Posterior gray horns
o Contain the terminal endings of peripheral sensory neurons and their synapses with
association neurons
- Cervical enlargement
o Bulge at levels C3 or C4 through T1
- Central canal
o Channels CSF
- White columns: locate
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