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Chapter 1

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BIOL 1361
Ann Cheek

Chapter 1 1.) Levels of Biological Organization: • __________________: Consists of the life on earth and places where life exists • ___________________: various functional components present in cells • • ___________________: Individuals of all the same species in a specific area • ___________________: individual living things • _______________: Cells are life fundamental units of structure & function • __________________________________: a body part/ carries out a function • _________________: A group of cells working together performing a specialized function • _______________: All the living things in a particular area • ____________________: An array of organisms inhabiting a particular ecosystem ( animals, mushrooms, trees) • __________________: chemical structures consisting of 2 or more units called atoms • ORGANIZE ALL FROM SMALL TO LARGE 2.) Emergent Properties: Properties that something has because of the way its __________________ due to its arrangement and its ___________________ of its part ( structure is correlated within function) 3.) The Cell: • The smallest _________ of organization • Every cell is enclosed by a ______________ that ______________ the passageway of materials between cells & its surroundings • 2 main groups __________________ & __________________ 4.) Life requires Energy Transfer & Transformation: • All organisms are ordered systems governed by physical laws i. Thermodynamics: 1. Energy can neither be destroyed or created but can be transferred or transformed 2. Entropy increases ii. Diffusion iii. Fluid flow iv. Gas laws 5.) Life depends on Genetic Info: • All living things contain genetic info • Deoxyribose acid & Ribonucleic acid : i. Make _______________ while they provide ________________ and also
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