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Chapter 13

HIST 1377 Chapter 13: Chapter 13. The Impending Crisis

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HIST 1377
Todd Romero

Chapter 13: The Impending Crisis The united states and Great Britain agreed to fix the Oregon boundary at the 49 th parallel The freesoil ideology became the heart of the republican party platform 49ers changed California by: o Increasing racial and ethnic diversity of its population o Expanded Californias urban and rural populations To please southerners, Stephen a. Douglas, agreed to divide the territory west of Iowa and Missouri as part of the KansasNebraska act Manifest Destiny: o Americans used this to justify expansion in the 1800s o Caused some to be concerned about the issue of slavery in the newly expanded territories o Idealistic vision of the united states expanding its borders to become a giant empire o Spread because of the penny press publicity Texans claimed that the border between Texas and Mexico was the rio Grande, while Mexico claimed it was the Nueces river President Polks plan for deciding the fate of slavery in the new territories was to extend the Missouri compromise line For Texans to obtain land from the Mexican government, they brought settlers to the region and received large government land grants Southerners view of northerners: o The north was filled with a spirit of greed, debauchery, and destructiveness o The northern factory system was inhumane Because of intense conflicts between proslavery and freestate settlers in Kansas, the state earned the nickname After the passage of the KansasNebraska act, disappointed members of several major political parties combined to form the republican party Abolitionist john brown led the Pottawatomie massacre
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