HON 3330 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Competitive Advantage, Distributed Leadership, Heterarchy

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10 Dec 2017
Chapter 14- Team Leadership
Friday, November 3, 2017
9:10 AM
o Work together to achieve goals
o Project management team example
o Face to face or virtual
Contemporary collaboration
o Competitive advantage
o "team based and tech enabled"
o To be successful, org culture needs to support member involvement
o Heterarchy: dynamic and fluid power shifting in teams
o Process oriented
o Develop "critical capabilities"
o Shared or Distributed Leadership
Shared TL when members of team take on leadership behaviors to influence team
and to max team effectiveness
Team leadership capacity
Involves risk
Less conflict, more trust
More important for virtual teams
Distributed L involves sharing influence by members
o Team Leadership Model
The Hill Model for TL
L job is to monitor the team and take action to ensure team effectiveness
Comm skills
L's mental model: how leader sees situation experiencing
o Team Effectiveness
Task accomplishment
Quality of outcomes
Team maintenance
Hackman's assessment of team's health
Real team?
Compelling purpose?
Right people?
Norms of conduct clear?
Support from org context?
Team-focused coaching?
Characteristics of team excellence (Larson and LaFasto)
Clear elevating goal
Results driven structure
Competent team members
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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