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Chapter Assignment 1

ANSC 250 Chapter Notes - Chapter Assignment 1: Dermoid Sinus, Bulldog, German Shepherd

Animal Sciences
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ANSC 250
Sarah Albert
Assignment 1

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Reflective Post 1
Mathias Morales
1) (A) Syringomyelia ( commonly referred to as SM) is a neurological condition in which
fluid accumulates in the spinal cord, forming cavities called syrinxes. Of those affected,
Cavaliers are most common. The effects of the disease includes a weakness of muscles.
(B) Dermoid sinus is a disease in which incomplete separation of the skin and nervous
system occurred during the early parts of life. It is most common in Rhodesian
(C) The film discusses many different forms of diseases among different breeds of
purebred dogs. Prof. Steve Jones points out that inbreeding is dangerously done. Meaning
without thought of consequences. Additionally, in the film watched in class, they discuss
the mating of a female dog being bred with her grandfather. This close of incest leads to
an increase in probability of genetic diseases among the offspring.
2) (A) The pedigree german shepherd compared to the working dog, has saggy or limp hind
legs and an arched back. English bulldogs now have shorter top jaws with a large
underbite. Along with a larger, more pronounced head.
(B) In german shepherds, the limp legs leads to lower spinal displacement leading to
severe spinal problems. In bulldogs, the shorter face causes breathing problems.
Additionally, the morphology of the cranium leads to problems with breeding (both in
insemination and delivery of the offspring.
(C) When breeders were confronted about the diseases or difference in morphology
associated with the individual dog breeds, they denied it. They all disagree that the
traditional form of that breed is the “correct” form, refusing to change the standard.
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