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Chapter Assignment 2

ANSC 250 Chapter Notes - Chapter Assignment 2: Border Collie, Petfinder, Humane Society

Animal Sciences
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ANSC 250
Sarah Albert
Assignment 2

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Mathias Morales
ANSC 250
Prof. Sarah Albert
1. (A) Yes, I think the campaign is effective. The campaign incorporates actual stories of
the lives of these shelter pets, giving possible adopters view and insight into what good
they will be doing for the animal. I think this strategy will motivate people to go to their
nearest shelter first when looking for a pet, rather than going to a private breeder. (B) The
Shelter Pet Project is made up of The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s
Fund, and the Ad Council. (C) I personally liked the “Pets Anthem” ad. I really liked how
they incorporated fun personas for each animal at the end. I thought it really showed that
all of these animals can have different personalities and there really is a companion for
2. (A) I think Petfinder is a great tool for finding adoptable animals. It’s a great tool for new
pet owners to find a possible match in their search for a perfect companion animal. (B) I
did a quick search for a random dog breed. I looked up a border collie within 25 miles of
champaign male and young and found 2 results. I think it really is a useful tool for new
pet owners and for shelters to use to find homes for these animals.
3. (A) The Champaign County Humane society operates on an open door policy. This
means that the shelter will accept all animals, but also means they have a higher
euthanasia rate to account for the take in of these animals. (B) I do not know the
demographics of champaign all too well, but if I’d have to guess I would imagine there is
a pretty good variety of animals for adoption. UIUC is a pretty diverse campus with a lot
of students having apartments and having companion animals of some sort, so I could see
a pretty good variety of shelter dogs available in champaign. (C) When looking at their
options with dogs (no filters applied) It only showed 1 page of adoptable pets, which was
a little underwhelming. There was a diverse group of dogs available, but just not a very
large selection. The mode of which you select your preferences is not appealing at all.
The black words on the dark blue background makes it difficult to see the words and
could possibly prevent some more elderly adopters from adopting. (D) The strangest
animal I saw for adoption was an iguana. There were lots of bunnies in the “other”
category, but what stood out were the 2 iguanas for adoption. (E) I expected to see the
furry animals like dogs, bunnies, cat, ect but what caught me off guard was the reptiles
for adoption. I think it’s great that this shelter also includes reptiles.
4. Animals are being transported from South Carolina up north.
5. Animals get transferred so they’ll have a chance to live rather than being euthanized. This
way the animal will have a fighting chance to be adopted
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