IDS 200 Chapter 2: MYISLAB Chapter 2 Quiz

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University of Illinois, Chicago
Information &Decision Sciences
IDS 200
Fyfe John

1. At a recent meeting, you learn from an HR report that Falcon Security has much higher than normal turnover in employees who work in the data entry area. Their exit interviews reveal that their major complaint is that the computers they are asked to use don't have Internet access and are "old". The VP in charge of your department tells you to get new computers for the employees and to connect them to the Internet. What would be a professional and practical response for you to make to the VP? Ask around to workers and it people. 2. Which of the following is the correct definition of the term business process? A business process is a network of activities for accomplishing a business function. 3. Using BPMN, business processes are typically organized into what is called ________. swim lane format 4. We do not write the name of a person at the top of a swim lane; instead, we write the name of the role. We do this because ________. the role may be filled by many people 5. According to the BPMN standard, a circle with a narrow border is the symbol for ________. the start of a business process 6. According to the BPMN standard, a circle with a thick border is the symbol for ________. the end of a business process Wrong 7. In BPMN, a swim lane represents a ____________. Process 8. According to the BPMN standard, a solid line with an arrow head indicates ________. the next action to perform in a process. 9. In BPMN notation, a solid line with an arrow on one end represents a(n) ________. sequence flow 10. For the purpose of documenting a business process, the particular medium in which the data is stored is ___________. Unimportant 11. When work is moved from the right side of the five-component model of information systems to the left side of the five-component model of information systems, _________. the work has been automated 12. The dimension of process quality that can be most easily measured is ________. Efficiency 13. What is the difference between process effectiveness and process efficiency? Process effectiveness is a measure of how well the process enables the organization to accomplish its strategy. Process efficiency is a measure of the ratio of the process's benefits to its costs. 14. When looking at BPMN abstraction, you will almost certainly not see any costs although they must be there. So, where are the costs? Costs are associated with things that are shown on the BPMN abstraction, including such things as the costs of certain types of transactions, the costs of employee time, the costs of infrastructure, and so on. 1
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