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Textbook Notes for Pathak

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UICPOLS 290PathakFall

POLS 290 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-7: Equal Voice

OC15619763 Page
27 Feb 2017
P(cid:396)i(cid:373)a(cid:396)y ele(cid:373)e(cid:374)t of the state is the u(cid:374)io(cid:374) (cid:271)et(cid:449)ee(cid:374) (cid:373)ale a(cid:37
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UICPOLS 290PathakFall

POLS 290 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-6: Oligarchy, Brasidas, International Relations Theory

OC15619762 Page
27 Feb 2017
Speech of perikles: action, happiness, and courage encompass freedom, courage = vigor and shared hopes, cowa(cid:396)di(cid:272)e = (cid:862)u(cid:374)
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