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Chapter 3 part 3

PS 210 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3 part 3: Ijtihad, Mobutu Sese Seko, Authoritarianism

Political Science
Course Code
PS 210
Abby Beatriz Cordova
3 part 3

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Introducing Comparative Politics Chapter 3
States, Citizens, Regimes pt 3
Personalist Regime
Origins one-party regime or military coup
Key idea claims to modernizing authoritarianism but really based on
neopatrimonial authority
Characteristics extremely weak institutions, instability and unpredictability
Who has power individual ruler
Examples: Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) and
Ferdinand Marcos of the Phillippines
Neopatrimonial Authority power based on a combination of the trappings of
modern bureaucratic states with underlying informal institutions of clientelism that
work behind the scenes; most common in Africa
Electoral authoritarianism
Origins primarily failed transitions to democracy
Key idea legitimacy is based on a combination of liberal democratic and
modernizing authoritarian ideologies
Characteristics allows limited freedoms of expression and association; allows
limited political oppression to hold some elected offices but ensures ruling
party/leader holds most power; informal institutions are often more important than
formal institutions; contradictions exist between democratic and authoritarian
Who has power ruling party
Origins ancient religious beliefs
Key idea rule is by divine inspiration or divine right
Characteristics Islamist version:
o Islamism. Islamic law, as revealed by God to the Prophet Mohammed, can
and should provide the basis for government in Muslim communities
o Ijtihad. The belief that Muslims should read and interpret the original Islamic
texts for themselves, not simply follow traditional religious leaders and beliefs.
o Sharia. Muslim law should be the law of society for all Muslims.
Who has power God is sovereign, not the people
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