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UKSOC 339christopherhugginsSpring

SOC 339 Chapter 1: Crim. Ch 1 book

OC15717016 Page
Criminology: an interdisciplinary science that gathers and analyzes data on various aspects of crime and criminal behavior: the goal is to understand i
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UKSOC 337joeclavertSpring

SOC 337 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Juvenile Delinquency, Parens Patriae, Informal Social Control

OC15717015 Page
Friday, january 20, 2017 the historical evolution of delinquency ancient times and the middle ages. Youth were treated as the property of their fathers
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UKSOC 101Christopher HugginsSpring

SOC 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: The Sociological Imagination

OC15717012 Page
Lecture 2 chapter 1 sociology vs. common sense. Sociology: individuality is constrained, individuals are the sum of their socialization. We acquire how
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