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Chapter wk 5

ARCH 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter wk 5: Tribalism, Radiant City, Le Corbusier

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ARCH 201
Doug Kelbaugh
wk 5

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Tribalism- individualized community- one small group of people with similar interests that keep to
Even in today's groups when Solomon thinks of communities, thinks of all the communities
he isn't a part of (IE even communities are secluded from themselves)
Sharing values with eachother
Cosmopolitanism- shared interest-- essentially sense of community and togetherness in a single
group that acts towards the benefit of the entire society
Western spaces are dedicated but occupied informally and we do what we want
Arab spaces are informal/dynamic but very formal in the way activities are conducted
Architects think of building as pieces of art-- we design the whole thing-- thinks it should be
Design a city of monuments that doesn't think of what people/the city needs and doesn't
foster community
Autonomous architecture
Sustainability in it of itself isn't sustainable-- need to design things that are also fun (people
are making sacrifices b/c not enjoyable, just sustainable-- IE prius)
In order for sustainability to be commonly accepted, need to create sustainable alternatives
that people actually enjoy
NIMBI- not in my backyard-- support things until it starts to affect them and then don't want
anything to do with them
Take people out of cities and ship out to small towns that are "green, open"
Ebenezer Howard- Garden City
Frank Lloyd Right (housing development?)
Give everyone their own acre plot-- promoting suburbanism
Creating monumental architecture in city/public spaces
World's Fair Chicago
City Beautiful
Le Corbusier-- megablocks, car based city
Very clear distinction between public/private spaces
Still gives everyone lots of green space but builds up more
Radiant City
Almost like deal with safety of our sidewalks by dealing w/safety w/tribalism-- gated
communities, staying in card, etc.
Clear demarcation btwn public/private streets
Eyes on the street
Continuous flow of sidewalk users
3 ways to help deal with safety
Statistics say it's a slum, so nobody wanted to develop it, but it was self-regenerating itself
Need to reclassify how we think of slums
North End Case Study
Jane Jacobs
"Third place"-- after home and office, next place you feel at home publically (not feel
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