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Chapter 4

MOVESCI 230 Chapter 4: Elbow, Wrist, Hand (Module 6)Premium

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Movement Science
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Melissa Gross

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Chapter 4/5: Module 6
Bones of Elbow/Forearm
Elbow and forearm composed of humerus, ulna, radius
o Three bones meet at “elbow”
o Ulna and radius form “forearm”
Two bony prominences at distal end of humerus
o Lateral/medial epicondyles
Lateral/medial supracondylar ridges – between shaft and epicondyles where bone
Coronoid fossa – anterior surface, between epicondyles
o Where coronoid process positioned during elbow flexion
Radial fossa – lateral to coronoid fossa
o Head of radius moves into during elbow flexion
Capitulum – distal to the lateral epicondyle, smooth and round
o Head of radius rotates during forearm movement
Trochlea – distal end of humerus, spool-like
o Olecranon process of ulna attaches
Olecranon process – posterior, between epicondyles
Olecranon process – on ulna, moves into olecranon fossa with elbow extension
In elbow extension, palpate lateral epicondyle, olecranon process, medial
epicondyle in straight line
o Form triangle when elbow flexed 90 degrees
Radius lateral (thumb), ulna medial (pinky) in anatomical
Ulna has prominent role of articulating with humerus
Radius prominent role articulating with wrist bones
Proximal end of radius:
o Radial head
o Radial neck
o Radial tuberosity – distal to neck on medial aspect of upper shaft
Distal end of radius:
o Radial styloid process – lateral
o Ulnar notch – medial
o 2 facets where wrist bones articulate (scaphoid and lunate bones)
Proximal end of ulna:
o Olecranon process
§ Trochlear notch – cuplike surface, rotates about trochlea of
o Coronoid process – anterior portion of trochlear notch
o Radial notch – lateral of coronoid process
§ Head of radius articulates with ulna (proximal radioulnar joint)
Distal end of ulna:
o Ulnar styloid process – medial aspect, easily palpated
Joints/Ligaments of Elbow/Forearm
Three joints between upper arm and forearm
o “true” elbow joint (ulnohumeral)
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