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Chapter 8

MOVESCI 230 Chapter 8: Pelvis and Hip (Module 7)Premium

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Movement Science
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Melissa Gross

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Chapter 8, 11: Module 7
Pelvis could consist of 3, 7 or 11 bones
Sacrum – posterior part of pelvis
o 5 sacral vertebrae fused
Innominate bones (2) – on sides of pelvis
o Each composed of ilium, ischium, pubic bone
o Lines of fusion
Ilium – articulates with sacrum posteriorly
o Most superior of innominate bone
o Articulates pelvis with spinal column
o Anterior/posterior superior iliac spine (ASIS/PSIS) – bony prominences
o Crest of ilium – ridge between ASIS and PSIS for muscle attachment
o Anterior/posterior inferior iliac spine – beneath ASIS and PSIS
o Greater sciatic notch – inferior to posterior inferior iliac spine
Pubic symphysis – pubic bones articulate with each other
Male and female pelvis different (childbearing)
o Female pelvis wider, flatter, tilted forward more
Ischium – most posterior on innominate
o Spine of ischium – posterior bony prominence
o Lesser sciatic (ischial) notch – beneath spine of ischium
o Ischial tuberosity – distal, large bony prominence, muscle attachment
Pubic bone – most anterior innominate
o Inferior pubic ramus – pubic articulates with ischium
o Superior pubic ramus – articulates with illium
o Body of pubic bone – articulates with itself/each other
o Pubic symphysis
o Pubic tubercle – lateral to symphysis, bony prominence, superior surface
Acetabulum – deep socket on lateral aspect of innominate
o Socket for ball/socket hip joint
o Articulation of ilium, ischium, pubic
o Obturator foramen – beneath acetabulum, formed by pubic and ischium
Ligaments of the Pelvis
Iliolumbar ligament – between L5 and crest of ilium
Two ligaments articulate sacrum with ilium
o Anterior sacroiliac
§ Between anterior surfaces of sacrum and ilium
o Posterior sacroiliac
§ Short sacroiliac – between posterior ilium/lower sacrum
§ Long sacroiliac – between superior posterior ilium spine/S3-4
§ Interosseous – short fibers connect posterior sacroiliac joint
Pubic symphysis ligaments:
o Anterior pubic
o Inferior (arcuate) pubic
o Posterior pubic
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