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Beatrice Botch

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9/5/02 Chem 111/121 Nomenclature Worksheet 1: Naming of elements and their simple ions ...Simple Cation (positive ion) Group 1A, 2A and 3A metals Name = element name + "ion" Charge = Group number ...Simple Anion (negative ion) Group 5A, 6A and 7A nonmetals Name = remove suffix, add "ide" ending "ide" ending (almost) always means only one element makes up the anion Charge = Group number – 8 Using a periodic table complete the table below Element name Element formula Ion name Ion+1ormula 1. sodium Na sodium ion Na -1 2. bromine Br bromide Br 3. magnesium Mg magnesium ion Mg +2 4. chlorine Cl chloride Cl-1 5. oxygen O oxide O -2 6. boron B none none +1 7. lithium Li lithium ion Li 8. neon Ne none non
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