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CHEM 111
Beatrice Botch

Chem 111/121 1/18/12 Nomenclature Worksheet 4 : Naming of Salts with Oxoanions 'Oxo' anions are negatively charged ions containing oxygen plus another element such as nitrogen or sulfur. For example: NO 3– = Nitrate SO 42–= Sulfate. You can recognize an oxoanion because it always has the suffix 'ate' or 'ite'. Think of an oxoanion as a group. Never break it up further into elements. Note that in the formulas above oxygen is written last. Note also that the number of oxygens and the charge of one i varies depending upon the element it is bonded to. There is no way to use the periodic table to determine how many oxygens are attached. This is a case where you need to memorize the formulas and charges. Learn (memorize) the names and formulas for the 'ate' anions. These are th– 'ate' anions you should learn: Nitrate NO 3 Acetate CH 3OO or CH CO 3 2 – Chlorate ClO – -1 ions Perchlorate ClO 4 Permanganate MnO 4– Carbonate CO 2– 32– Sulfate SO 4 2– -2 ions Chromate CrO 4 Dichromate Cr2O 7– 3– Phosphate PO 4 -3 ion Name "ate" compounds by naming the cation then the anion. When writing a formula containing a polyatomic ion, use parentheses around the ion if more than
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